What Do Our Doctors Say About Us?

Don’t just take our word for it — Read what our doctors have to say about their experience in our Seminars


Dr. Ziad El-Hayek – Rocky River, OH

“Coming to this course I had little expectations about learning surgery, but leaving it I feel very confident that I can place any implant. Thanks to 2 bright surgeons (Dr. Casabianca and Dr. Mauro) everything was possible. I will be back for more”


Dr. Robert Maimone – Southampton, NY

“ITC Seminars by far exceeded my expectations. I was impressed at how intentional this company was in its effort to treat their patients with the most of care and concern, yet maintaining the highest of quality in their clinical training.
I was profoundly touched by how they modeled a ‘Servant Leadership’ mentality while perfectly balancing their responsibilities with a gracious humility. Thank you for allowing me to be part of this life changing experience.”


Dr. James Sarant – Raleigh, NC

“My goal was to gain confidence and proficiency in placing dental implants…
Mission Accomplished! I’m ready to ROCK! Thank you ITC.”


Dr. Robert D. Turton – Orcutt, CA

“I would recommend this live patient program to any professional that wants to incorporate implant placement in their office or obtain more advanced clinical skills in this field. This is the best course that I have attended thus far.”


Dr. Benjamin Schwartz – New York, NY

“The Hands-On in Dominican Republic was more than I ever could have imagined, I was able to fully immerse into the course and left feeling confident and knowledgeable. They arranged everything, from hotel, air travel and transportation. I didn’t lift a finger”


Dr. Maricela Simmons – Pensacola, FL

“Excellent cadaver program. The staff was very kind and helpful. I felt this was a truly great learning experience. Thank you!”


Dr. Sepideh Moein – Costa Mesa, CA

“Wonderful experience! You make learning implant placements a lot easier than I expected”


Dr. Joseph Shilkofski – Lake Forest, CA

“Excellent presentation, loved the hands-on and the experience overall. It was abundantly clear that the presenters had a great deal of knowledge and experience on the topics covered. I look forward to future ITC Seminars”


Dr. Blanca Esparza – Ontario, CA

“I’m very happy about this program, I learned so many things and did procedures that I never thought I would ever do. I love the way the program was presented, the instructors and staff were wonderful. I’m very excited to continue to the next level. Thank you”


Dr. Keith Marshall – New York, NY

“I came to learn how to optimize implant placement; this has been accomplished. In addition, I learned to confidently perform sinus lift, harvesting blocks from the ramus, and grafting from different ridges. Thank you, thank you, thank you”


Dr. Claudia Green – Pensacola, FL

“Great program, the human specimen course prepares you well to start placing implants, it gives you the confidence you need. Dr. Casabianca and Dr. Bruzual are great instructors”


Dr. Darshan Panchal – Hollywood, FL

“I gained a great amount of experience and knowledge from ITC. They were very informative during the hands-on training and they really focus on you to make you understand all aspects of implant dentistry”


Dr. Charles Ro – Teaneck, NJ

“The staff is excellent and the faculty is extremely knowledgeable. The level of experience I got was amazing”


Dr. Ryan Zentz – Kennewick, WA

“This was the BEST course I have taken or heard of. I highly recommend the ITC staff to anyone interested in expanding their knowledge and treatment of edentulous patients w/ implants. I hope to further broaden my surgical abilities w/ them in the future”


Dr. Ling Li – Brandon, FL

“This course was very intensive and demanding, which is what we expected. The doctors are very friendly, knowledgeable and patient, which makes them excellent instructors. Their encouraging attitude made the busy days fly by. Thank you for the experience!”


Dr. Carlos Lopez – Phoenix, AZ

“It was a fantastic learning experience with fantastic educators, everybody was so accommodating; they couldn’t have been nicer. I had a wonderful time at the course and after, I recommend it to everybody”


Dr. Rubi Marconi – Houston, TX

“I came to this course with no experience is implant placement, but the faculty made me feel very comfortable and confident; the team was always ready to teach and serve. What I liked the most is that patients are followed up and restored by the University”


Dr. Stephen Levy – Baltimore, MD

“I came down with little experience as far as surgical, and you leave feeling that you can do this, how to do this and why to do this. This was the right decision I’ve ever made as far as expanding my dental skills. This is the place to be”


Dr. Isela Cantuarias – Teaneck, NJ

“The course’s dynamic and structure covered was beyond my expectations. If any doctor really wants to complete and cover all of the aspects of a live implant course, this is the perfect course”


Dr. Armando Fernandez – Manhattan, NY

“This seminar was way beyond my expectations, it was amazing!! But most importantly: I learned a lot and helped other people. What you think you know, you can learn something in here. You won’t regret it”


Dr. James Childress – Davis, CA

“The course was a fantastic learning experience, the instructors are top-notch, world-class. I’m extremely impressed with the program”


Dr. Sandy Chang – Richmond, VA

“I had a great experience in these 3 days of implant training in Cuba, I placed 15 implants and I’ve learned so much that I can’t wait to go back to my office and apply what I learned. Thank you ITC Seminars”


Dr. Hardeek Patel – Metuchen, NJ

“Dr. Casabianca and Dr. Mauro are Hands-Down the best guys in the Dental Live Courses, they are very easy to work with and they will work with you to find the right solution. I had the best time of my life”


Dr. Morgan Herman – New York, NY

“The Seminar in Cuba was truly Life Changing, we placed hundreds of implants. I came having never placed an implant on a Live Patient and I’m leaving confident enough to place implants in my office”


Dr. James Parfitt – Denver, CO

“I have never placed implants, and after 3 days I had 21 implants placements… Dr. Casabianca, thank you so much for the experience, I really appreciate it. I absolutely recommend it to anyone interested in placing implants”


Dr. Khang Nguyen – Merced, CA

“My experience with my first ITC Seminar in Cuba was phenomenal. I had the opportunity to perform advanced procedures that I would not normally do in my office, now my confidence level has jumped tenfold”


Dr. Vrinda Mohunta – Houston, TX

“It was a very good learning experience because you get to do everything from start to finish. This is one of the best experiences I have had doing surgeries and it will definitely enhance my practice. Thank you!”


Dr. Kyeongseon Kim – McKinney, TX

“Extremely well organized live surgery seminar. I am very satisfied with the course and ready to place implants right away at my office tomorrow”


Dr. Michael Thompson – Scottsdale, AZ

“This has been one of the finest seminars I have attended in my 34 years in dentistry”


Dr. Sheina Jean-Marie – Milton, MA

“I’m glad that I made the choice of coming to this program, I would recommend it to all my associates. Thank you for creating it and making it possible”


Dr. Theodore Baer- Tacoma, WA

“Great Course! Knowledgeable and clear, absolutely worth it. Work on cadavers really up your game”


Dr. Erin Carmody & Dr. Dennis Carmody – Rockledge, FL

“I never placed an implant before in my life and I placed 17 this week. It was an amazing experience”
“I’ve been a dentist for 36 years and this is the best education experience I’ve ever had”


Dr. Amanda Sheehan – Warren, MI

“Dr. Casabianca, thank you so much for all of your help, you are an amazing teacher. I can’t wait to work more with you”


Dr. Edward Chalouh – Brooklyn, NY

“I haven’t been in a course like this before, it is not only to study, but to learn to place implants. It was a beautiful experience, I’m obligated to go to the next one”


Dr. Anandhi Djegaradjane – Menlo Park, CA

“This is the best experience! everything was fantastic, and I would recommend it. ITC Seminars is one of the best”


Dr. Moise Nawlo – Brooklyn, NY

“The ITC Seminars’ is one of the best courses I have ever took, I loved the attention I had from the Doctors and Staff. It was really an amazing experience, and I’m sure I’m going to do it again”


Dr. Gilberto Olague – Riverside, CA

“It always has been a great experience learning from Dr. Casabianca, one of the beast teachers I have had the pleasure of working with”


Dr. Bradley Frederick – Clarksville, IN

“The doctors are world-class, they pushed me and helped me out; I placed between 10 and 12 implants over the weekend, it was wonderful. I would recommend it to anyone that really wants to get their feet wet”


Dr. Deepak Bhagat – Woodside, NY

“It was an environment of passionate learning and dedicated staff to make our dreams come true. I’ve learned much more than what I’ve learned in the last 10 years”


Dr. Juan Mejia – Chatsworth, CA

“I thanks Dr. Anandhi for her recommendation to take this course. I’ve got lots of knowledge, skills and clarity in the ways of placing dental implants. Great Course!!”


Dr. Alejandra Taveras – Chatsworth, CA

“After so many ‘Lecture-Only’ seminars, have taken this course was a great experience. I was finally able to apply all the learned knowledge”


Dr. Neal Edwards – Riverside, CA

“Dr. Casabianca & Dr. Bruzual made my learning fun, yet  they were able to help me feel confident to place implants. Amazing Course!”


Dr. Wiebke Bultmann – Mission Viejo, CA

“This course absolutely met my expectations!! I arrived without any experience and I left confident enough to place my first implant”


Dr. Carlos Flores – Santa Rosa, CA

“I had the great experience of placing my first implant with ITC Seminars, my confidence level is very high now. I will continue taking these seminars to increase my knowledge and be able to offer a better service”


Dr. Samir G. Ayoub – San Francisco, CA

“ITC Seminars are absolutely the best, I have learned so much. This is probably the best I have ever done in a while”


Dr. Dhaval Patel – Salinas, CA

“Dr. Casabianca is a very good instructor, this seminar was an amazing learning experience. I’m excited to go to the next level”


Dr. Maria Cook – Mission Viejo, CA

“Best implant seminar I have attended. The surgical implant program on Human Specimens is an invaluable learning experience.”


Dr. Nhi Huynh – Hayward, CA

“Dr. Casabianca is one of the beat teachers I have worked with, he is very knowledgeable and helpful”