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Dental Implant Training Center – ITC Seminars

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Evolving For The Better

If you’re a dentist who is ready to develop a new skill set that can change you and your patients’ lives by providing you with the ability to restore more smiles while conceivably increasing your bottom line income, then you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to ITC SEMINARS DENTAL IMPLANT TRAINING CENTER.

Dr. Ivan Casabianca, head of ITC SEMINARS, is a renowned instructor, who’s trained hundreds of dentists, both in and out of the country, to place implants in the safest and most effective manner, thereby helping dentists dramatically increase their revenue after attending his seminars. You can learn the details about our upcoming seminars on this website.

Why ITC Seminars – Dental Implant Training Center?

As you know, placing Dental Implants is one of the top opportunities for rapid growth and higher profit margin in the dental industry right now. Placing dental implants, however, can be dangerous and nerve wracking if you haven’t received the proper training. What if you place it wrong? What if you hit a nerve? Isn’t it tough to do? What instruments should you use? How do you present the treatment to the patients? How do you get new patients? These are many of the questions and fears that keep dentists from rapidly growing their business and profiting tens of thousands more dollars each month.

Now, ITC SEMINARS, the foremost leader in Dental Implant training, is offering its world-class, first of its kind, dental implant seminars in beautiful Southern California. ITC SEMINARS is a team composed of top-leading doctors specialized in dental implant placement who have a record of teaching dentists how to effectively perform dental implant procedures. Some have called ITC SEMINARS’s training methods “perfect” and “revolutionary.” Dr. Casabianca and his team have personally supervised thousands of dental implant cases and procedures here in America and also out of the country through ITC SEMINARS’s International Live Patient Program.

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Live Patient Programs

By joining us in our next Live Patient Program, you will embark on a once in a lifetime experience where you will have the opportunity to learn from the top leaders in implant placement and practice your skills at our state of the art facility in Dominican Republic, all while changing the lives of hundreds of people who need your help. This is your opportunity to make a change. What are you waiting for? Sign up today and join us in our next Live Patient Program.

There is no other dental implant training available anywhere on the market like the training you will receive here at ITC SEMINARS.

The first 25 dentists to reserve their seats will receive a discount! To reserve your seat now, simply give us a call at 949-544-9551 or send us an email

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