ITC Seminars

Preventive Care

During a discussion with my fellow colleagues about implantology, I was asked if I supported the claim that “implantology is the future of dentistry.” My answer was “NO… the future of dentistry is not implantology, it’s preventive care.” I love implantology, don’t get me wrong, but no other dental specialization is the future of dentistry, […]

ITC SEMINARS: where we practice not just dentistry, but good health.

I want to discuss the crucial importance of health, both mental and physical. Before I came to the United States I was among the top 5 triathletes in Venezuela. I was in the best shape of my life, and felt better than ever. After I started my own practice I became tired and unmotivated. I […]

Dr. Ivan Casabianca, DDS

Dr. Casabianca obtained his dental degree DDS in 1994. Since then, he has masterfully expanded his knowledge, skills and experience by teaching and leading extensive surgical training programs throughout the United States. He is actively involved in humanitarian missions offering his professional services all around the world, in which he has personally overseen and directed […]